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Art for all Seasons

Art for All Seasons published by Two Little Birds Books.

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Art For All Seasons begins Susan's new "Kids Art Series" and continues her brilliant teaching style through well-thought-out instruction, beautiful, clear photographs, and reference to contemporary artists' work.

Art for All Seasons is a well-thought-out handbook of nature inspired art adventures that can be explored over and over with different results each time. Perfect for parents, teachers, grandparents or anyone working with children making art!

The nature-based lessons are beautifully illustrated with over 400 full-color photographs of the process and additional inspirational images of contemporary artists  work.

Included is information on how to set up a simple home studio, a comprehensive list of materials, how to display and save kids' artwork and ideas surrounding making art with others. A recipe chapter shows how to make some of your own materials and how to use standard art materials. Each lesson is a great springboard of ideas for anyone wanting to be inspired by the natural world to make art. Art for All Seasons will be your perennial go-to book when making art with children.