Art Together

Art Together – coming in 2017

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Art Together: An exploration of making art together.

Do you want to spend some time with a special child making art in a relaxing creative fashion? Not confident on where to begin? Then this class is for you! Take this class with a child or on your own – to share with a child later and discover the joy of process art. This class is a great way to begin your own creative journey to making art again or for the first time! I have taught both children and adults for over 20+ years and have found, from experience that adults and kids can support each others creative process in meaningful ways. Making art side by side builds confidence and fearlessness. Art Together is designed for any adult to create alongside a child in a process rich, meaningful and positive fashion.

Based on my bestselling books from the Art Lab for Kids series and Kid’s Art series.Art Lab for Kids has to date sold 75,000 copies in the USA alone since 2012 and has been translated into 7 languages.  My most-loved lessons will be hand-picked from my five books. These lessons will be geared for ages 5 and up with adjustments for different age groups integrated into each lesson. Over the past 20+ years I have taught hundreds of students and have honed each lesson to be exciting, experimental and fun with a focus on process learning. Join with a child or go it on your own to share with a child later! 5-book-covers

Included in this class:

  • Weekly video instruction with inspiration from my students at artstream
  • How to set up a simple space to work in
  • Material gathering and storage that won’t take over your house
  • Step-by-step processes illustrated with photographs
  • Daily posts at the classroom with space for feedback
  • Simple ways to integrate art into your family’s routine
  • Using recycled goods to create meaningful art
  • Historical and contemporary artist introduced with each lesson
  • Questions and answers in our classroom every Friday

– and much more!


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"Let's Paint was not only a welcome break in my busy week, each week, but Susan's instruction was fantastic. She emphasized painting fundamentals that I really needed - like color mixing, and appreciation for line and shape - but also allowed for individuality and creativity. I wasn't worried about making things perfect - because as she says, you can always try something and if you end up hating it, you can paint over it. Since the class, I've been painting nearly every day! As a lifelong "maker of things" it felt good to finally take a real painting class." - Katy Solsky [More]

Art Lab Books

Susan has written five books on creating art; while marketed to children these books feature techniques and methods that apply to artists of all ages! [more]