Watercolor I

Watercolor Class!


Watercolor class – Florals and Abstracts – Susan Schwake

This four-week class will playfully immerse you into the world of watercolor. We will dive into color mixing through juicy exercises working with this versatile medium.  The uplifting daily weekday posts will inspire you to try new ideas in your work and expand your playful side – where all the good stuff happens! Most of all, this class will give you the tools and a gentle nudge to do the work, make a practice of it and develop your own style.

This class is a perfect way to jumpstart your painting practice, with 24/7 classroom—lifetime access, for you to revisit and practice at your own pace. We will explore the most playful ways to create lush beautiful paintings with flowers and abstract subjects. Frustration free and rule breaking methods, which will include:

  • Playful color theory
  • Daily posts
  • Composition games
  • Working with single colors
  • Stretching our creative ideas into real paintings
  • Illustrative prompts
  • Unlocking your own style
  • Developing layers and working into them
  • Adding ink
  • Developing shapes with few strokes
  • Lots and lots of playful exercises to warm up each day
  • Weekly video instructions
  • Step by step illustrated instructions
  • Simple materials list
  • Best methods to find the right materials for your own work.
  • And lots of community within a safe private environment for sharing (if desired)!



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"Let's Paint was not only a welcome break in my busy week, each week, but Susan's instruction was fantastic. She emphasized painting fundamentals that I really needed - like color mixing, and appreciation for line and shape - but also allowed for individuality and creativity. I wasn't worried about making things perfect - because as she says, you can always try something and if you end up hating it, you can paint over it. Since the class, I've been painting nearly every day! As a lifelong "maker of things" it felt good to finally take a real painting class." - Katy Solsky [More]

Art Lab Books

Susan has written five books on creating art; while marketed to children these books feature techniques and methods that apply to artists of all ages! [more]