Online Classroom Painting

Hello! So glad you are here! I am thrilled to offer my painting class online and in preparation for the start I put together a materials list for you.

Some of these materials you may already have and some you may have to purchase. Please read each of the items in my Let’s Paint Materials store for an expanded explanation of what each of the items is – and – what could be used instead of. The most important thing is the actual act/practice of painting – not the materials! Good materials are usually easier to work with and the six basic colors we are needing for this class are essentials. The quality of paint that you use is completely up to you and your budget.


Craft paint will work if you can get the same colors – they are less concentrated and will appear watery but this could be a look that you might like. A few other good brands to consider are: Liquitex basics, Artist’s Loft (Michaels brand), Chromacyl (lovely but more money) and the best brands Windsor and Newton, Utrecht, and best of the best in acrylics – Golden.

Brushes too are important and I have chosen some cheaper ones to get started. Let’s Paint! Don’t worry too much about the kind of materials, just get the best you can with those six basic colors and we will be off and painting in no time!


Registration for all classes is open now!

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We will contact you with details about the course within 24 hours after payment is received.


"Let's Paint was not only a welcome break in my busy week, each week, but Susan's instruction was fantastic. She emphasized painting fundamentals that I really needed - like color mixing, and appreciation for line and shape - but also allowed for individuality and creativity. I wasn't worried about making things perfect - because as she says, you can always try something and if you end up hating it, you can paint over it. Since the class, I've been painting nearly every day! As a lifelong "maker of things" it felt good to finally take a real painting class." - Katy Solsky [More]

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