Monoprinting / Blockprinting / Silkscreening



Segment 1: Monoprinting

This is a  full four-week class, now available as self-guided course with lifetime access to the videos and materials.  Learn the painterly way of creating art by making monotypes, monoprints, gelatin prints and ghost prints on both paper and fabric. The process is addictive and is a perfect method for letting go and loosening up! This low tech/process rich class is for absolute beginners and the seasoned artist looking for something new. Included in this four-week class:

  • Weekly instructional videos
  • DAILY Photo illustrated instructional posts
  • Techniques for success with each process
  • Materials and how to choose what to buy AND use simple recycled objects
  • Mark making exploration
  • Inspiration galore!
  • Creating backgrounds for your mixed media work
  • How to let go and find yourself within the processes
  • Drawing out your own style
  • Playful color theory
  • Creating art spontaneously
  • Connecting with the playful part of yourself
  • Jumpstarting your artful practice
  • Working on paper AND fabric with minimal materials
  • And lots of community within a safe private sharing environment!
  • BONUS: LIFETIME ACCESS to soak up all the material in the classroom!



Segment 2 Block Printing (on Paper and Fabric) TBA

Want to print your own fabric? Do you want to make your own greeting cards? This class is for YOU!! A full four weeks of learning to design, carve and then print your block. I have been carving both wood and various types of linoleum blocks for over 30 years and find it to be one of the most relaxing and exciting ways to play with printmaking! The process is simple and I have taught ages 7 to adult to create their unique block for printing. This four-week class will include:

  • Weekly instructional videos
  • Illustrated step-by-step instructions for the processes
  • Inspiration from artists’ work
  • Tips and tricks for making a strong design
  • Learn registration techniques
  • Everything you need to know to print your own fabric
  • How to create repeats with a design
  • How to make your own stationery and greeting cards
  • How to use your block for printing in other mediums
  • Historical block printing
  • Where to find inspiration for designs
  • Material list and best uses for methods
  • And lots of community within a safe private environment for sharing (if desired)!
  • BONUS: LIFETIME ACCESS to the class and videos!



Segment 3 Silkscreen (on Paper and Fabric) TBA

The magic of multiples is alive and well with the silk screening process! We will learn three methods of creating screens to print hundreds of images on paper and fabric. This process is so much fun that you will want to print on everything in sight. The course will include:

  • How to prepare (or not!) your own photo silk screens
  • Stencils and painterly processes
  • Different ways of achieving great results – one process does not fit all!
  • Two color printing and how to set up registration
  • Inspiration from artists
  • Working in small spaces
  • Print your own clothing or fabric successfully
  • Transparent layers
  • Tips and tricks for each step of the process
  • Material list and best uses for methods
  • And lots of community within a safe private environment for sharing (if desired)!
  • BONUS: LIFE TIME ACCESS to the class and videos!


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