Mixed Media I and II and Let’s Paint are all Self Guided now!

leesStart anytime with a self-guided tour. Work at your own pace and absorb all the creative goodness until December 31, 2016!sletchbooksWe will answer questions in the classroom this time around and NOT use Facebook. I will check in daily to answer questions and be available in the classroom only.

Each student will get individual attention via the comments where everyone can post their work in the comments for direct feedback from Susan.  The classroom is a safe and welcoming environment and only visible to the students.


30 full days of inspiring exploration into the playful world of mixed media painting. This 30 day course will give you so many methods and materials as tools – and inspiration- to gently draw out your own style of painting.  In my studio classes I find the greatest joy in watching each student’s OWN style emerge and flow, and THAT is the focus of this course! The more go-to tools you have – the easier it becomes to find your self in your work. For over 20 years i have taught these methods and find great inspiration from each new student I meet! This class is a perfect for absolute beginners and more experienced artists alike.

Registration begins now – so sign up today! Registration is on the right above!

All of the lessons are available at the same time so you can work at your own pace as fast or as slow as you would like to. The videos and the classroom materials are all open to use THROUGH THE END OF 2016!!  Register today – right at the top right of this page! See you in class!

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Susan Schwake is an artist, art educator, and curator. She actively exhibits her work in galleries ... [more]


"Let's Paint was not only a welcome break in my busy week, each week, but Susan's instruction was fantastic. She emphasized painting fundamentals that I really needed - like color mixing, and appreciation for line and shape - but also allowed for individuality and creativity. I wasn't worried about making things perfect - because as she says, you can always try something and if you end up hating it, you can paint over it. Since the class, I've been painting nearly every day! As a lifelong "maker of things" it felt good to finally take a real painting class." - Katy Solsky [More]

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Susan has written five books on creating art; while marketed to children these books feature techniques and methods that apply to artists of all ages! [more]